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About Us

The TidySquares Business Model

TidySquares has created a whole new way to design and build storage systems. With highly advanced software, we’ve developed a unique and innovative platform for ordering custom storage components.

While we lead the way with our high-tech business model, it’s our teamwork and business philosophy that drives our success. It’s a way of thinking that dictates how everyone operates from day to day.

Our Team Philosophy

At TidySquares we believe in our team – and we believe that our team is what impacts the success of our organization. For us, teamwork is about the synergy of working together, with far more to gain as team members than individuals working independently.

Over the years, we’ve built a corporate culture that resonates with our employees, our customers, and our investors. Everyone works very hard, but everyone has fun doing what we love to do. Importantly, we respect, honour, and support all of our employees.

TidySquares employees are considered family, not just people who come to work. We hire the right people, and we encourage long-term relationships. Above all, we support a commitment and passion that motivates our team to perform at the highest level.



Ron Binder
Chief Executive Officer

As a successful business leader, Ron Binder drives the vision and mission of TidySquares. With over 15 years of experience in home organization, Ron knows how to capitalize on opportunities and how to overcome constraints and obstacles.

With a view on the future, Ron launched TidySquares in 2017 with Gav Givon, a long-term business partner. Ron’s success is hinged on his ability to build strong personal relationships and assemble the right team players for a winning formula.

The consummate entrepreneur, Ron understands the value of calculated risks to drive success. He appreciates what collaboration accomplishes, and believes strongly in leveraging the insight of others including family, friends, and employees.

Ron is married with three children. He spends his free time working out and enjoying sports with his kids (particularly hockey). He immigrated to Canada from Israel as an impressionable 14-year-old and today makes his home in the Toronto area.

Gav Givon
VP of Operations

As a founding partner of TidySquares, Gav Givon has a passion and drive to make TidySquares a major force in home organization. Gav and Ron have been partners for over 15 years, delivering high quality home organization products throughout the U.S.A. and Canada.

Gav specializes in operations management and corporate finance – an ideal complement to Ron’s strengths and talents. He’s responsible for all operations and manufacturing partnerships, as he works with top management to drive strategy, product, pricing, and direction.

Gav considers the client as a top priority and works diligently to deliver the highest level of quality and service. He’s an essential component when it comes to establishing the operational excellence of the company, and in driving the future direction of the TidySquares brand.  

As a long-term Toronto area resident, Gav attended Seneca College and York University with degrees in business and political science. He is married and credits his wife’s loving support and understanding as one of the major reasons for his success in life up to the present. 

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