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It’s a New Way to Do Storage Organization

Today, there’s a whole new way to create and build custom storage systems. At TidySquares, we’re using the most advanced software technology to provide a straightforward and cost-efficient platform for both homes and businesses.

Throughout North America, TidySquares leads the way with a high-tech approach that expedites the design and manufacture of fully customized storage systems. From start to finish, the entire online process is easy and convenient.

Nothing Beats An Organized Space

At home or in an office, organization is key to efficiency. More than that, efficient storage allows for optimum space utilization and easy access. As the saying goes:  a place for everything and everything in its place. The answer is a customized storage solution.

Whatever the size of a space, a well-designed storage system makes for far better management of everyday contents. Once done, the results are apparent – the aesthetic upgrades and much-improved organization make the overall investment well worthwhile.

A High Tech Approach to Storage

With a focus on customized storage systems, TidySquares designs and builds everything to suit our customers’ exacting specifications. All of our products are manufactured to meet the highest industry standards, while offering a wide range of storage components. 

Our online platform allows for the lowest possible margins and our “factory direct” approach makes for substantial savings. In short, our success is based on an experienced team of storage professionals that offers engineering, contracting, and high-tech expertise.



Latest Cutting-Edge Technology

TidySquares has created technology that streamlines the storage solutions process from end to end. Our E-Cab software assesses your space; considers your needs; and provides “intelligent” solutions.

The online platform is simple to use. You select a space and you provide precise measurements. With a few mouse clicks, various storage solutions are brought to life, each presented in 3D photo-realism.

With each storage solution priced out, it’s also possible to fine-tune a design and create the most cost efficient system. By selling through our online portal, TidySquares keeps prices low – but not quality.

Satisfying Shopping Experience

In addition to the online shopping experience, TidySquares also provides free samples of colours and finishes to bring storage design elements to life. Our samples are an excellent indication of the specific colours, textures, and finishes that are available during manufacturing.

TidySquares also offers customer service support to assist customers with more complicated storage designs. Our dedicated support staff can also help out with processing orders, organizing logistics and delivery, as well as processing payments in a safe and secure manner.

An Entirely Streamlined Process

TidySquares has totally streamlined the world of storage solutions – from design, to manufacturing, to delivery. For contractors, builders, and retailers, TidySquares can now provide storage solutions at far lower price points than standard-sized products

Our technology has been customized for practically every business sector, so that specific needs are addressed and catered to. Best of all, there’s NO investment required, NO inventory needed, and NO production headaches. Is there anything better?

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