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Homebuilders sell tens of thousands of homes and condominiums every year. With tight competition for every customer, design teams are constantly looking for ways to add value to their product.

At TidySquares, we’re adding product value with an innovative approach to closet storage solutions. In fact, we’ve developed propriety software and a service interface that is the best on the market.

Two Ways to Benefit from TidySquares

Working with TidySquares, builders use our software to showcase closet storage options for every customer. It’s an interface that’s easy to use for the customer, easy to manage internally, and ideal for the bottom line. In dealing with the largest builders across Canada, we’re offering two ways to benefit.

With our Standard Program (plus upgrade), every home or condo unit is provided with closet storage solutions that are far better than the conventional “wire option”. Our interface allows builders to use the technology to choose various ways of showcasing closet storage and upgrades for each homebuyer.

With our Upgrades Only option, we upload builders’ drawings into our software for a fully customized showcase of storage solutions and possible upgrades. Our three-dimensional presentation is vivid and realistic, allowing the buyer to conveniently pick and choose various upgrades to suit their needs.



A Customized and Streamlined Process

By working alongside TidySquares, builders eliminate the need of dealing with multiple suppliers. We manage the standard closet options, while providing a wide variety of upgrade options. It’s a process that is both customized and streamlined – satisfying customer needs and enhancing the bottom line.

Located in Ontario, TidySquares supplies Canadian-made products with conventional limited lifetime warranties. Everything is fabricated in our 200,000 sq. ft. factory, and our 140 employees ensure that products are superior in quality and workmanship. We also have our own in-house installation crews.

E-Cab Software Specifically for Builders

TidySquares has developed E-Cab software with custom modules for builders, retailers, and trades. It’s a platform that allows you to showcase and sell custom storage solutions simply and easily. The interface is customized to your specific business segment with full control over the entire process – from pricing, to quality, to delivery. For the customer it’s convenient, straightforward online shopping.

E-Cab software has a flexible “backend” which allows for total customization to suit specific needs. If you choose to sell online, the system can be easily linked to your website. If you want to sell through a sales team, there’s a capacity to include as many users as required. You choose what options to offer in terms of storage solutions, and you dictate the margins. With E-Cab you’re in business in minutes.

Better to Offer Smart Storage Solutions

Whether it’s a 500 square foot condo or a 5000 square foot home, it’s a good idea for builders to offer upgraded storage options. Chances are the homebuyer will eventually upgrade the standard storage systems anyway. With TidySquares, builders can offer the upgrades immediately and capitalize on the process. For the homebuyer, everything is ready to go as soon as they step into their new home.

TidySquares is interactive and engaging – it offers customers an exceptional user experience with full control. Typically, prices are lower than similar storage solutions that are bland and standardized. For the builder, there’s NO investment in inventory and NO production headaches – you simply focus on selling quality storage solutions. Best of all, TidySquares handles everything from design to delivery.

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