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If you’re a big box store, small chain, or independent retailer, you might already be selling custom storage solutions. With TidySquares, you can take your operation to the next level by better satisfying your customers and significantly boosting your bottom line.

Today, homeowners are on the lookout for the most innovative storage solutions they can find. This is particularly applicable to condo owners who are “space-compromised”. Together with TidySquares you can provide the solutions that these customers demand.

With conventional storage options, customers settle for standard components and limited flexibility. If they contract an independent installer the price can skyrocket. Today, TidySquares offers retailers a storage solutions platform that rivals anything on the market.

TidySquares will satisfy your customers AND provide a better bottom line. The platform is superior to other alternatives, offering the highest standard of quality, but without the premium pricing. Our high-tech approach provides a host of benefits for the retailer.

  1. NO inventory required and therefore NO shelf space
  2. Quick turn around time for custom storage solutions
  3. Start operating immediately with NO initial investment
  4. NO need to deal in shipping, delivery, and/or returns
  5. Showcase 1000's of storage options with a few clicks 
  6. All Canadian made products manufactured in Ontario
  7. Offering customized closets, wardrobes, and shelving 
  8. Software platform and infrastructure are ready-to-go
  9. Interface clearly reflects your branding and marketing


A New Way to Retail Storage Solutions

With TidySquares, retailers use our proprietary software to showcase a huge range of closet storage solutions. The online shopping experience is designed to be user friendly and very easy to manage internally. In fact, our interface allows retail partners to choose various ways of showcasing product.

TidySquares software can be fully customized to showcase particular storage solutions, as well as options for upgrades. Customers view a three-dimensional presentation that’s vivid and realistic. They can conveniently choose storage components, special features, and added extras to suit their need.

Our Streamlined Cost-Efficient Process   

By working with TidySquares, retailers can totally eliminate their reliance on multiple suppliers. We offer all of the customary closet options, while providing additional upgrade options. The shopping process is customized for the customer and streamlined for a more satisfying shopping experience.

TidySquares is located in Ontario, fabricating high quality Canadian-made products – all with limited lifetime warranties. Finished products are manufactured in our 200,000 sq. ft. facility by more than 140 employees who ensure superior quality and workmanship. We also have in-house installation crews.

E-Cab Software Designed for Retailers

E-Cab software is proprietary to TidySquares, allowing a retailer to present and market customized storage solutions in a simple, straightforward manner. The dashboard is customized, offering full control over product, pricing, and delivery. Customers experience convenient online shopping.

E-Cab has a “backend” infrastructure that allows a retailer to fully customize the operation. We work with our partners to ensure the most profitable approach to marketing. Retailers can choose what they want to offer in storage solutions and which additional services they require (like installation).

Retailers Capitalize with TidySquares

Whether in a home or a condo, today’s homeowners are looking for space efficient storage systems that are quality made, yet affordable. Working with TidySquares, retailers can capitalize on these shoppers by offering a user-friendly shopping experience all under one roof.

The TidySquares platform is interactive and engaging, offering retail customers an appealing online shopping experience. Best of all, our prices tend to be lower than the standardized options offered by competitors. More than that, TidySquares does everything behind the scenes.

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