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The First-of-Its-Kind Cabinet Ecosystem

The First-of-Its-Kind Cabinet Ecosystem

Introducing a game-changing innovation in the custom cabinet industry, our powerful ecosystem unites muylitple factories across Canada and the United States, revolutionizing the way cabinets are produced, package and shipped directly to you.

Seamless Collaboration

Seamless Collaboration

Say goodbye to relying on a single factory and mitigate business risks. Our ecosystem ensured collaboration, resulting in consistent production, packaging, and direct shipping of custom cabinets to your doorstep.

Unbeatable Prices

Unbeatable Prices

Enjoy the advantage of competitive pricing as we bring together the best factories, guaranteeing you access to the most favourable rateds in the market.

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eCab Solutions Cutting-Edge Design Software

Experience the power of our top-of-the-line design software, enabling you to visualize and customize your cabinets with ease, ensuring the perfect fit for your needs.



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Maximum Efficiency

Our ecosystem maximizes efficiency by leveraging multiple factories, ensuring timely delivery, and providing you with peace of mind while we handle the logistics. Focus on your business while we take care of the rest.


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Our Warehouse Locations Within the United States & Canada 

  1. Alabama
  2. Michigan
  3. Oregon
  4. Toronto


About Us


Formed in 2003, Ron Binder and Gav Givon began offering direct-to-consumer home storage solutions. With an outstanding 8000 sq. ft. showroom and installation trucks, we immediately became popular with homeowners.

Ron Binder

Ron Binder

Gav Givon

Gav Givon

2015 - 2019

Ron and Gav had an industry-changing concept in 2015. Multiple factories could efficiently produce, package, and label items at competitive prices, they believed. They recognized technology was essential to achieving this aim. Based on their industry knowledge, they developed AI-powered smart software to transform design. The result was cutting-edge software and design tools. It could develop five custom solutions for any space in seconds. This large project was made possible by their knowledge and computational creativity. With their AI software and design tool, they eased cabinet sales. Ron Binder says, "Anyone can sell cabinets—not only designers. The software handles everything." This white-label solution allowed Canadian and American dealers to customize it with their corporate information, colours, and logos. Complete control over design, margins, and markups streamlined the process.

2020 - Present

Since 2020, we have signed important deals with Canada's largest builders, North American franchise organizations, and premier retailers. These strategic collaborations allow them to develop and sell custom cabinets, which are precisely cut, packaged, labelled, and transported straight to customers.

We prioritize innovation, customer happiness, and changing the bespoke cabinet business. Ron Binder and Gav Givon lead the industry revolution, making it easier for businesses to offer superior storage solutions.

eCab Solutions

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Introducing ECab Solutions: Your State-Of-The-Art AI Design And Business Management Tool For The Cabinet Industry

Please welcome eCab Solutions, the AI-powered design and business management platform that is revolutionizing the cabinet market. Space design has never been easier with eCab Solutions, even for non-designers. Our cutting-edge technology lets you create breathtaking designs in seconds, realizing your idea.

However, eCab Solutions goes beyond design. A centralized cabinet industry environment with full transparency on every area of your operation is our objective. eCab Solutions gives you complete visibility into your expenses, margins, markups, logistics, sales, invoices, and more.

Visit www.ecabsolutions.com to learn more about eCab Solutions' power. Join our growing dealer network in Canada and the US to get this amazing product. You can offer custom-cut cabinets that are manufactured, labelled, packaged, and transported to your location in 24 hours.

eCab Solutions is a design tool and company management system that streamlines operations, boosts efficiency, and boosts profits. Experience the future of the cabinet business with eCab Solutions today.

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Join Our Prestigious Dealer Network and Enjoy the Benefits

  1. Exclusive Access to Reputable Factories

    Your TidySquares dealer account gives you access to our network of respected North American factories. Use their custom cutting, packaging, and labelling skills to provide your consumers the best cabinets.

  2. Swift Entry into the Custom Cabinet Business

    Our cutting-edge AI software helps you become a custom cabinet merchant quickly. Our friendly staff will help you through a thorough onboarding process so you can start selling custom cabinets in 24 hours.

  3. Extensive Resource Library

    Our huge resource catalogue includes marketing materials, training materials, product expertise, and engaging photos. Use these resources to boost marketing and business growth.

  4. Unparalleled Customer Support

    TidySquares prides itself on excellent customer service. Our devoted team provides rapid response, expert support, and proactive assistance throughout your trip. We value your success.

  5. Streamlined Logistics

    Logistics management is over. TidySquares facilitates fast, direct distribution from manufactures to your location. Provide a seamless client experience while saving time and resources.

  6. Lifetime Warranty for Peace of Mind

    We guarantee product quality. TidySquares dealers and consumers receive a lifetime warranty on our cabinets, ensuring confidence and satisfaction.

  7. Competitive Costs and Profit Margins

    Our dealers receive competitive prices due to our skilled negotiations. You can offer competitive price while retaining healthy profit margins, assuring your long-term market success.

  8. Exclusive 20-Minute Demo

    Schedule a private 20-minute demonstration using the form. Experience the TidySquares ecosystem's power and how it can transform your business

Join Our Growing Dealer Network Across Canada and the United States

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General Inquiries:


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Little Steps, Big Rewards: Teaching Kids the Importance of Organized Closets

Little Steps, Big Rewards: Teaching Kids the Importance of Organized Closets

Lessons from parenting shape a child's future. Organization is a crucial lesson that's often ignored. Early exposure to ordered living can greatly impact your children's growth and achievement. Children's closets may seem little, but they can teach them responsibility, order, and the benefits of organization. Starting early instills habits that will help them grow and overcome more complicated challenges.

Your kids' closet can benefit immediately from organization. When kids know where their toys, clothes, and things are, they play or study more instead of hunting. This gives them freedom and confidence that applies to other areas of life. An ordered closet teaches youngsters planning and decision-making. They learn important decision-making skills by categorizing their items and deciding what to keep and donate. Planning clothes for the week promotes time management and responsibility. Children learn about order, discipline, and the value of spending time now to save time later by organizing their closets. These skills help them succeed in school, job, and relationships as adults.

In conclusion, teaching kids about ordered closets goes beyond tidiness. They're investing in their success and well-being. Instilling these habits early on will help kids be organized, efficient, and confident in all aspects of life. Don't underestimate the potential of a well-organized kids' wardrobe to shape their destiny.

Unveiling the Truth About Master Closet Storage Solutions

Unveiling the Truth About Master Closet Storage Solutions

Sometimes overlooked for house storage is the master closet. We store clothes, accessories, and maybe even secrets there. Many think custom closets are luxury items for the rich and famous. You might be surprised to learn that organizing your master closet doesn't cost much.

Imagine a large, customized walk-in closet with shoe, belt, tie, dress, and suit sections. It may seem expensive, but average bespoke walk-in closet solutions cost $2000. Investing in a custom closet maximizes space and streamlines your daily routine. Your clothes last longer and your mornings are easier with an organized master closet. Proper storage keeps clothes from crumpling, stretching, or becoming lost. With a place for each item, you can see your whole wardrobe at once, making outfit choices easier and more fun. Your needs are met with custom closet solutions that maximize space. Customize shelves, pull-out drawers, and hanging rods to fit your things. Personalization maximizes your closet's potential, regardless of size.

This is a myth: custom master closet storage solutions are pricey. A well-designed and organized closet can improve your daily routine, lengthen clothing life, and make your room more efficient. Your goal of a flawlessly arranged master closet is within reach without breaking the budget.

The Art of Home Storage Solutions: Bringing Order to Chaos

The Art of Home Storage Solutions: Bringing Order to Chaos

Maintaining an organized home can seem impossible in our busy life. A well-structured house has undeniable benefits. Home storage provides peace and efficiency, not just a place to store your stuff. Keeping our home organized is crucial to our mental health and quality of life. Imagine entering a clutter-free living area, an accessible kitchen, and a tidy bedroom. Not only is this organization attractive, but it also calms and relieves stress. Knowing where everything is saves time and mental energy for enjoyable activities.

Effective storage helps your belongings last longer. Disorganized storage increases the risk of damage or loss, resulting in unneeded replacements and costs. Buying custom shelves, cabinets, and other storage solutions can extend the life of your items. An organized home also inspires others, especially kids. It teaches kids to care for their surroundings and belongings. Practically, home storage solutions maximize space, making even modest living spaces feel larger and more comfortable.

The importance of home storage solutions goes beyond tidiness. Creating a tranquil retreat, maximizing space, and setting the stage for a harmonious living are key. Take time to examine your storage needs and invest in solutions to organize chaos.